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Xavi Sarrià bids a temporary farewell to the stage in 2024 through a special tour featuring two exclusive concerts in Valencia and Barcelona

With three decades of musical expertise, Xavi Sarrià unveils the "Música, ràbia i amor" tour, serving as both the culmination and celebration of his inaugural solo journey, which has gifted us with contemporary anthems.

Noteworthy are two exceptional concerts, already offering tickets for purchase: one on May 18 at the Palau de les Arts in València and another on aDecember 14 at Razzmatazz

Over his 30-year musical odyssey, Xavi Sarrià's compositions have evolved into integral components of our country's music landscape. Since 1994, when he released the first demo with Obrint Pas, a groundbreaking group he founded a year prior, Sarrià has defied institutional barriers, transforming Obrint Pas into one of the era's most popular and internationally recognized musical acts.

This journey persisted in 2017, marking a new and profound phase that birthed a fresh repertoire of songs by Xavi Sarrià, now celebrated as modern anthems. Tracks like “No s'apaguen les estreles,” “Renaixem,” “Amb l'esperança entre les dents,” “Alliberar-nos,” “Un foc que creix,” and his latest release, “Balansiya,” have left an enduring imprint.

Xavi Sarrià's solo legacy, accumulating millions of views, boasts two albums, the latest being 'Causa', acknowledged as one of the year's best with two Carles Santos Awards and an Ovidi Montllor Award. Fourteen music videos, the documentary “No s'apaguen les estreles” and extensive tours across Spain, Germany, Japan, and South Korea are testament to his impact. Above all, this legacy has contributed to constructing an imaginative realm grounded in the dignity of memory, roots, silenced struggles, and the popular culture of the nation.

To commemorate this illustrious career, Xavi Sarrià is crafting the special tour “Música, ràbia i amor” for 2024. The tour promises an essential selection of emblematic songs, presented in a show featuring a new and powerful scenic and audiovisual production directed by Martí Torras, capturing the explosive blend of festivity and emotion synonymous with Sarrià.

The conclusion of this unique tour in 2024 marks Xavi Sarrià's temporary departure from the stage. The tour's finale includes two exclusive concerts featuring collaborations with friends and references: May 18 at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia and the tour's culmination on December 14 at Razzmatazz 1 in Barcelona. This offers a rare opportunity to relish Sarrià's legendary repertoire, experiencing the poignant realization that life is encapsulated in three elements: Music, rage, and love. .



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